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How Do I Add a Custom Domain to My Website?

Having a custom domain name is a great way to make your Build-a-Brand website more memorable, and easier to find. Be sure to ask your in-store champion if your Build-a-Brand package supports the purchase and use of custom domain names.

  1. Go to to search and find an available domain name. (ex:
  2. Open your Build-a-Brand toolkit and navigate to the Profile area.
  3. Scroll down to Custom Domain and click “Edit Custom Domain”
  4. Paste the desired domain name into the box.
  5. Click “Save & Send”.


Build-a-Brand will purchase your domain name and attach it to your website. This process typically takes about three business days. You’ll receive an email when the process begins.

Digital Business Card Icons

To add a new icon to your Digital Business Card click your profile photo in your toolkit to go to the profile settings. Find the sub-category titled “My DBC”. Scroll down to find the section titled “Buttons”, click the Edit Custom Buttons link at the bottom of that section. Scroll down to find the blue button that is title “+ Add New Custom Button”. Once you have clicked the blue button to add a new icon you will need to click the plus sign to add an icon. After selecting the icon, you will now need to give the icon a title. You have 15 characters, including spaces, for the title. Then you will need to select if you want the icon to be a URL link, PDF file, or a text page. Once finished press save.

How to share inventory to social media

Check out this quick video explaining how you can easily share inventory to social media!